How is it grown?

Spirulina is a nutrient-densed microalgae that grows naturally in warm, freshwater ponds and lakes. By harnessing a clean, pure environment and natural processes, we’ve turned one of the oldest organisms on earth into nature’s most powerful food source.

SimpliiGood Spirulina is a unique strain of algae grown at two state-of-the-art micro-farms in closed-source freshwater ponds to keep the growing environment as optimized and clean as possible. Our year-round ponds, located in Israel, are regularly cleaned, and live cultures are added to our fresh water to maintain a stable growing environment and high nutritional standards for every crop.

We harvest SimpliiGood Spirulina every day to promote the freshest growing environment possible. Low-shear equipment gently filters and processes each strand of SimpliiGood as to not disturb spirulina’s delicate cell structure or its nutritional benefits. Each growth cycle, which takes three weeks to fully develop, is tested and assured by third-party food labs to certify it meets our quality and nutritional standards, as well as food safety. Upon harvesting, fresh SimpliiGood Spirulina is immediately packed and quickly frozen to lock in all its nutritional qualities.

In order to eliminate contamination, we integrate advanced molecular and biochemical foot-printing methods that eliminate the presence of anything other than Spirulina. We also implement a vigorous, continuous and highresolution monitoring and control protocols to maintain our cultures 100% toxin free, including field testing for various toxins. All our products are fully traceable - allowing us to know the exact history of every batch across the entire supply chain - from cultivation to harvesting, packaging, storage, and shipment.

Our method for freezing and preserving SimpliiGood Spirulina’s active nutritional value comes with an added benefit: it allows spirulina to have no flavor, no odor, a neutral texture, so it won’t change the taste of your food — a drawback with other spirulina in powder, tablet or frozen forms. There’s no need to defrost SimpliiGood Spirulina. Just drop a cube into your meal and blend or stir until completely mixed.