Eat the Whole Plant

The entirety of the harvested Spirulina is used, unlike other fruit and vegetable crops where root, stem, and leaf systems are all by-products. A recent report showed that even at harvest, almost 40 percent of vegetables are tossed for being ‘ugly’, a problem that a microalgae will never have, and the entirety of the plant is used: SimpliiGood offers almost five grams of protein per 27-calorie serving, plus a 95 percent absorption rate so that no nutrients and amino acids are left undigested and processed. Compare that to using dried and powdered forms: laboratory tests have shown that vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids are destroyed at a 30 to 90 percent rate during processing and drying. Because SimpliiGood’s frozen and fresh delivery system allows preservation of virtually all of the nutrients present during harvesting, nothing is being wasted in the process.