March 25, 2019 2 min read

Add fresh, frozen spirulina to your daily routine, and reap the benefits — and not just for your athletic prowess. Slip Simpliigood into your morning smoothie or juice and there are plenty of mental side benefits that will make you energized throughout the day.



Tangential, but inarguable: When you’re recovering from training at a faster rate, your exercise habits are more likely to stay steady. Regular exercise doesn’t just make you fit, it makes you productive at work, and gives you energy in the office. According to one 2011 study, office workers were found more likely to be productive when they were exercising regularly. And anyone’s who’s had the feeling of a runner’s high knows that the rest of the day feels amazing after that!



Feeling exhausted lately? You might be running low on B12, the hard-to-get vitamin in the B vitamin family. Harvard Medical School cites fatigue and brain fog as symptoms of B12 deficiency. Fortunately, Simpliigood has the full range of B vitamins available in each serving. For vegans or picky eaters who avoid red meat, B12 is often lacking, so if you’ve been feeling like you’re drooping on the daily, there might be a vitamin deficiency to blame.



Anemia, which affects a reported 24.8 percent of the world’s population, can cause feelings of fatigue and brain drain. The Mayo Clinic has noted that being anemic can cause symptoms similar to those caused by depression, and can lead to extreme fatigue and mood swings. That usually takes a major toll on productivity… And if you spend chunks of your day nursing a migraine, that takes a huge toll on your mental well-being and your overall energy. Studies have also shown that iron deficiency in females can be linked to migraines, so alleviating symptoms of anemia may even get rid of those splitting headaches. Simpliigood’s Fresh Spirulina contains 5100 percent more iron than spinach, so by supplementing with the dark green whole food in your daily smoothie, you can add iron to your diet without a steak at every meal.



Studies have shown that every decision, large or small, costs us willpower — and we only have a certain amount of it to spend in any given day. Making healthy choices throughout the day, rather than reaching for the donut or fast food option at lunch, can be a huge drain on personal willpower. But if you’re using a subscription service like Simpliigood and automatically popping a square of fresh spirulina into your morning smoothie as part of your daily routine, that habit can make you less likely to need to exert your willpower to select a healthy breakfast option. The more things you can automate in your day — like choosing a healthy smoothie to start your morning — the more willpower you’ll have as the day wears on